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Women in Dentistry

There is a real desire for our Women in Dentistry initiative to connect women with other women and to share common solutions to everyday circumstances. When women empower one another toward personal and professional development, the opportunities are endless, especially in dentistry. Our Women in Dentistry Leadership Series will help you define and achieve your goals with new skills to implement at your workplace.

Watch our 2022 Women in Dentistry Event Watch our 2023 Women in Dentistry Event
We invite you and your team to come and be a part of empowering Women in Dentistry!

Women in Dentistry Mastermind Group Topics

Setting & Achieving Personal & Professional Goals

The Art of Women Leading Women

Work Life Balance | Building Efficiencies to Create Harmony

Firing & Retaining Talent

Effective Communication

Confidently Building the Practice of Your Dreams

Mentorship | How to Find a Mentor & How to Be an Effective Mentor

Learning to Delegate & Empowering Your Staff


Quarterly events for the Midwest are hosted in St. Louis in March, May, August, and November
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“Doing an event like this helps us get our arms around one another and support one another. It’s important we focus on bringing up the next generation of women leaders in dentistry.”

-Patterson Dental Ohio Valley Regional President
Meg Dietzel

Who Can Attend?

Female Dentists

Dental Assistants


Female Office Manager / Staff Member

*Registration is required for all events

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Collage of various female dentists and practitioners

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